Does My Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Water Damage CleanupThe major thing that the individuals need to consider while choosing house insurance is whether the insurance company has got any kind of things to consider the emergency disasters that can hit the house. It is necessary for the individuals to choose an insurance policy that can cover the consequences of the various natural disasters that include earthquakes and hurricanes. There are chances for the insurance policies of the standard providers to cover different kinds of situations that can be much expensive for you to fix by taking money from your pocket. Natural disasters are the things that are not covered by the insurance policies that provide normal house insurance. There are chances for the companies not to provide any kind of coverage for the various natural disasters if the house is located in a place that is much prone to the various natural disasters. If you need some kind of coverage for the natural disasters with the general policy then you need to pay some extra cost on that. Here are some of the natural disasters and the way they are covered by the house insurance.


Flooding is not always treated as same. Various sources of flooding are treated in different way by the insurance providers. Flooding can occur due to the overflow of coastal surges, rivers, sinkholes and also due to the failure of plumbing fixtures. In most of the cases the house owner insurance policies exclude the coverage that is caused by any kind of the damages related with flood. Flooding can be compensated only when it occurs due to some kind of issues with plumbing like the leaking pipes. If your house is located in a place where flood is a common plight then it is necessary for you to buy a policy that can help in protecting the damages that are related with the flooding. The cost that is associated with the damages caused by the flood can be determined by measuring the things that are done by insurance company.

Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Even when the insurance of the home owners covers the damages that are caused by wind, it never covers the flood that is followed by the storm. Damages that are caused by the tornadoes are covered as it is something known as the wind damage. If you are living in an area where the hurricanes are very common, you need to purchase home insurance for covering the damages of flood as it is very common to face the issues of the flood damage.


The cost that is related with the earthquake insurance is something that is determined by various factors. The insurer can consider the location of the house and also the materials that are used for the construction of the house, the style of construction and the number of stories for providing the money for the damages caused by the earthquake.


There are standard policies available which can provide coverage of the damages caused by the volcano eruption.

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